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Hair Transplants

  • My own growing hair!

    My own growing hair!

    My hair transplant changed my life!
  • Hairline transplant

    Hairline transplant

    My permanent hair transplant restored my hairline!
  • My transplant

    My transplant

    Restored the whole top area with a hair transplant
  • No more receding hairline

    No more receding hairline

    I did a transplant to restore my receding hairline, what a change!
  • Now I have a full beard!

    Now I have a full beard!

    We do facial hair transplants
  • Crown area restored

    Crown area restored

    No more bald crown since my transplant!

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Album Name Hair Transplants
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Jernigan's offers permanent hair transplant options like FUT, FUE, Strip Method for men & women. We also offer facial hair transplants for the beard & eyebrow.